Multi Carrier (Mauritius) Limited

Corner Malherbes & Clément Charoux Streets,
Malherbes, Curepipe
Republic of Mauritius
Telephone: (230) 670 8585 - Fax: (230) 674 6547 – email:


Registration of Suppliers


Multi Carrier (Mauritius) Limited (MCML), established in 2001, is a state owned enterprise and is the sole provider of terrestrial broadcasting services in the Republic of Mauritius which includes Rodrigues and outer islands. MCML broadcast terrestrial radio and television programmes for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and private operators in the VHF and UHF broadcast bands. MCML currently operates three DVB-T Multiplexes, nine FM Stereo Radio channels and three AM Radio channels in the Republic of Mauritius and also provides backhaul and collocation facilities to telecom operators on its networks and transmission infrastructures. It operates under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office and more information on the company is available on its website:


1. Suppliers/Contractors/ Service Providers/Consultants who are already doing business with MCML, shall also submit an Application Form so as to enable MCML to have the latest updated information on them.


2. Interested parties or firms are invited to register by filling the online Application Form at Annex 1 addressed to the attention of:


The Chief Executive Officer
Multi Carrier (Mauritius) Ltd
Corner Clément Charoux & Malherbes Streets


3. The attention of applicant/s is drawn to the fact that:

  1. The Application Form should be accurate and complete
  2. No pricing information shall be submitted with Application Forms
  3. Registration does not mean that MCML has any contractual obligation towards applicant/s.
  4. Applicant/s shall register only for goods, works and services which are under their current line of business.
  5. The following documents and certificates shall be submitted along with their Application:
    1. Company Profile
    2. BRN
    3. VAT Certificate(For Vat registered companies)
    4. Certificate of Registration
    5. CIDB Certificate and / or others as per Application Form


4. Rights of Multi Carrier (Mauritius) Ltd


Multi Carrier (Mauritius) Ltd reserves the right to look for alternative Suppliers/Contractors/Service/Providers/Consultants whenever it deems necessary to do so.


Yours faithfully




Application Form for Registration of Potential Suppliers

* are mandatory fields and need to be filled
1. General Information
Full name of Organisation / Company / Business *
City *
P.O. Box (if any)
Telephone Number(s) *
Fax Number *
Email address*
Date of Incorporation of Organisation*
VAT registration number *
BRN number of the company*
Main Business Activity *
Name of contact person*
Mobile number *
Email address*
Please state whether your company is a Manufacturer, Importer, wholesaler, Retailer, Agent or others.*
Please provide full names and addresses of all Subsidiaries and Associates.
Please provide details on the total annual Sales/Turnover, for the last 3 years of your organisation. (Optional)
Please provide a copy of the recent annual report or audited financial report (Optional)
Is there any Quality Control System in place within your organisation? If yes, please list the Quality Assurance Certificates.
Indicate whether there is any National/International Standards that your company products conform. If yes, please submit copies of all relevant and appropriate Certificates.
Please provide a List of Organisations/Companies to which similar goods/Services have been supplied by your organisation for the past three years.
Have your Organisations/Companies been involved in any disputes for the last past 3 years? If yes, please submit a complete list.
MCML mode of purchase is through Purchase Orders and preferred mode of payment is "payment within 30 days from receipt of all Goods/Services and submission of an original invoice".Please confirm if your Organisations/Companies accept this term of payment? If No, please mention your term of payment.
What aftersales service/facilities do your organisation provide?
2. Categorization of Supplier / Service Providers / Contractors
Please tick as appropriate
Electrical Materials & Accessories
Building and Construction Materials and items
Office Stationeries
Plumbing Materials & Accessories
Chain link fencing
Air Conditioners, Extractors, Fans etc
IT equipment & Other Office equipment
Office Furniture
Signage (Sign plates, Advert etc)
Corporate items such as diaries, greeting cards etc…
Printers consumables
Batteries for UPS and automotive
Rectifiers/Battery chargers
Spare parts (Cars, Vans, Lorries etc)
Safety Equipment & Accessories(Fire alarm etc..)
Safety Personal Protective Equipment
Specialised Tools & Equipment
AM Transmitters
FM Transmitters
Encoders and Decoders
Radiating Mast
Radio and Television Broadcast Towers
Radio and Television transmission and receiving antennas
CCTV Equipment(Cameras, DVR etc)
Access Control Equipment
Electronic Component (IC,Transistors, Capacitors etc)
Chemical products(Herbicides,Pest Control Goods)
Lubricating Oil/Grease
Fuels(Diesel and Gas oil) etc
Refreshment Products(Milk, tea,Coffee etc…)
Household cleaning materials
Paint products
Gardening tools
Electrical appliances
Other (Please specify below)
3. Works Contractor
Please tick as appropriate
Maintenance and repairs of Tower/Mast Structures
Metal works and repairs
Building and Construction works (Concrete)
Renovation works (Concrete)
Construction works (Other than concrete)
Renovation /Minor works (Other than concrete)
Plumbing works
Electrical works
Installation and maintenance of Air Conditioners
Installation of Fire alarm system
Building Painting works
Vehicle body repairs and painting
Mechanical repairs
Tyre repairs
Water proofing Services
Maintenance of Generators
Other (Please specify below)
4. Service Provider
Please tick as appropriate
General cleaning & maintenance services
Transport services
Insurance services
Landscaping & other related services
Provision of catering services
Yard maintenance services
Rental of cars/vans services
Advertising agencies
Plant Hiring services
Crane Lorries Services
Disposal of Scrap Materials
Disposal of E-waste
Clearing & Forwarding Services
Other (Please specify below)
5. Consultancy Service Provider
Please tick as appropriate
Quantity Surveying Services
Civil & Structural Engineering Services
Architectural Services
External Auditing Services
Mechanical Engineering Services
Mechanical Workshop Machinery Inspection
Security Services
Other (Please specify below)
6. Files to be attached (File size must not exceed 2 MB)
Annual sales turnover
Annual report